Directed by Soko Hwang
Music by Hyeseon Jeong

Sound sampling by Aleksei Tsernjavski
Cast Sergei Markin

This film presents conflicting images between Soviet realityand tourism fantasy in Tallinn, the Estonian capital. In reality the Soviet architecture gradually vanishes, along with the past memory of collectivity, because the city transforms by conversion of the traces into a commercial context. On the other hand, medieval architecture and gothic churches in Old Town are romanticized as exotic signs for tourists. This contradictorysituation occurs in conflicting social space between collectivity and privatisation. This film questions how are Soviet tracestransformed and excluded in social space?


2020 Expanded Cinema, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland

2019 Construction of a New Body, Kurant mini art festival, Tromsø, Norway

2018 AV CLUB: Moving image night, Otaniemi Night of Arts, Otaniemi, Finland

2018 Museum of Impossible Form, Helsinki, Finland