Missing 43.jpg

Missing 43


2015|Participatory sculpture, photography
Dimensions variable
UDLAP university, San Andres Cholula, Mexico

The crime of Iguala mass kidnapping happened in Iguala, a provincial city of Mexico, on Sep- tember 26, 2014. Forty-three students struggledto Iguala government for claiming on cut-off ofeducation budget. City mayor ordered federation police who killed some students. The police em- ployed drug cartels to kidnap the students. Still the students are missing.

This project questions why natural history muse-um as official institution doesn’t reflect this realityinto historical archiving? How we can remember through collective experience? This work appropriates form of collecting minerals. It was constructed through audience’s participation with the chewing gums. Although the material taste is sweet, reality is remained as a bitter memory.